Hacking the Chrome extension for advanced options

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[edit] Accessing Advanced Options

To access "advanced" options within the ChromeCast extension perform the following steps:

Options Page
Page Elements
Advanced Options Shown

1. Click on the ChromeCast Extension in Chrome

2. Click the Options button to open the Google Cast extension options tab

3. Right click on the options page and choose Inspect Element from the menu

4. Expand the DIV where "quality == 'custom'"

5. Double click on the "display: none" after the "style=" and press the Delete key and then Enter.

6. Do the same for "display: none" under the the <section ng-show="cloud"" section.

7. Your page will then display a ton of options that were previously hidden. (note: if you close the page, you will have to re-do the above steps)

[edit] Breakdown of Advanced Options

Video Settings

  • Minimum bitrate (kbps):
  • Maximum bitrate (kbps):
  • Max quantization:
  • Video buffer (ms):
  • Maximum tab frame rate (fps):
  • Resolution:

Audio Settings

  • Audio bitrate (kbps):

Network Settings

  • Pacing - Enable pacing (M28 or later)
  • TCP - Enable audio TCP
  • TCP - Enable video TCP
  • NACK - Enable Audio NACK

More Developer Settings

  • Reload Extension
  • Enable Log Window
  • Load receiver app using fling
  • Enable Cloud Features

Feedback Settings

  • Enable automatic feedback after mirroring stops